Pepsi IPL 6 Patch 2013 - Gm Studioz

Previously i have upload 2 ipl6 patches (1. Pepsi Ipl6 Patch by A2studios | 2. Pepsi ipl6 Patch 2013 by JS Studios ). And Now Another ipl6 patch released by GM-STUDIOZ . This Patch is looking very best patch ever. The Gm Studios Team do hard work on it. try this patch and enjoy.
We Did not Made that patch This Patch is Totally Made by GM STUDIOZ .I am Just sharing There Hard Work With peoples..

  • Real Stadiums 
  • Real Overlays 
  • Marvelous Menu 
  • Realistic kits 
  • New boundary ropes 
  • Electron Ad-Boards 
  • New Crowds 
  • New Camera 
  • Ultimate Menu 
  • New Renders 
  • Realistic Faces 
How to Play IPL 6 Patch

1. Run the Game using default EXE(Modified not recommended).
2. Load Your Profile and IPL13 roster.
3. Goto Game Modes/Domestic/English Cricket & IPL6/Pepsi IPL.
4. Choose Season as 2006-07 & difficulty Level. 5.Choose User team and enjoy IPL6!


2.00 GHz Intel Processor or Higher
2GB of RAM DirectX 9.0c compatible 3D accelerated 256 MB video card or Higher
1200 MB free HDD space plus space for Patch in the Root DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
MS-compatible mouse Keyboard Required Operating Systems: Windows(R) 2000 or Windows(R) XP or Windows(R) 7


Download Pepsi Ipl6 New Patch by HMSTUDIOZ


Ea Cricket 07 Download ( If you have Already Then not need to Download)

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New Pepsi IPL6 T20 Patch 2013 - A2Studios

New Pepsi IPL6 T20 Patch 2013 - A2Studios
New Pepsi IPL6 T20 Patch 2013 - A2Studios For Ea sports Cricket 07

This Patch is Totally Made by A2Studios. I am Just Sharing There Hard Work on my blog with others
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Gameplay Patch by Charu OR Gameplay Patch by Ankit
Boundary Music Patch
Camera Patch by Ankit

Wait is Over i see that many peoples most from indian Are waiting for new working IPL6 Patch by a2 studios and soon a new patch will release by GM-Studios. before it ipl5 patch was too much popular in 2012 over 500000 peoples Download it and like it..
and now Pepsi IPL6 Patch 2013 Release by A2 Studios
There is no Bugs in this patch
Patch is working 100% i have tested it and playing it..

How to Install Pepsi Ipl6 T20 Patch 2013 A2Studios 

There Are 5 Steps to install pepsi ipl6

1. Install Ea cricket 07 fresh (not Patched)

2. Install Main Patch into Root Directory of game

3. Install Stadium Patch into root directory

4. Install Ac studios batpack into root directory of game

5. Copy Rster folder (ipl6.ros) into My documents\EA SPORTS(TM) Cricket 07

Now Run Game and Enjoy Pepsi Ipl6

How to Play Pepsi Ipl6 T20 Patch 2013 A2Studios

  • After Following above steps, launch the Cricket07.exe 
  • In main menu, go to My Cricket > Load > Load the roster "IPL6.ROS" 
  • then go to Games Modes > Domestic > ENGLISH/INDIAN CRICKET 
  • Select PEPSI IPL T20, Set the fixtures as "2006" and overs as "20" 
  • Set the use team, start playing the Patch!

ScreenShots Of Pepsi IPL6 T20 Patch 2013

New Pepsi IPL6 T20 Patch 2013 - A2StudiosNew Pepsi IPL6 T20 Patch 2013 - A2StudiosNew Pepsi IPL6 T20 Patch 2013 - A2Studios

Pepsi IPL6 T20 Patch 2013 Downloads

Click Here To Download Pepsi Ipl6 T20 2013

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Ea cricket 2013 t20 patch pepsi ipl6 for ea cricket 07

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Ea Cricket 97 Ashes Tour Edition For Xp

Ea Cricket 97 Ashes Tour Edition For Xp

EA Sports Cricket 97 Ashes Tour Edition is Multiplayer PC game. that is 2 player pc cricket game, you can play ea cricket 1997 multiplayer offline and online, i played it to much when i was noob in games, but after some time i got Ea cricket 07, but my pc was too low, and i was worry that how can i play ea cricket 07 on my low pc then i got a 3d vga card and i wondered then i play ea cricket 07 because it have original faces of player, but when i bought ea cricket 2005 and play it that was have hd graphics better then Ea cricket 2005.

Cricket 97 is a cricket game for PCs that was released in 1997. The sequel to Cricket 96, it was developed by Melbourne House (as Beam Software) and published by EA Sports. It was the final cricket game in the series to be developed by Melbourne House, EA Sports followed Cricket 97 with Cricket World Cup 99, developed by Creative Assembly

Compared to the previous game, the improvement in graphics continued with three-dimensional stadiums (though players remained rendered as sprites). Cricketing legends Ritchie Benaud and Ian Botham for the first time provided commentary and also featured in full motion video interludes. The game did not feature real player names as with previous games in the series (with real Australian and English sides appearing for the first time in the game's successor, Ashes Tour Edition).


Realtime 3D stadium with multiple camera views.
Commentary by Richie Benaud and Ian Botham.
Loading and saving of custom teams.
Motion captured player animations.
Multiplayer network (all systems) and modem play (Win95 only).

Ea Cricket 97 Ashes Tour Edition XpEa Cricket 97 Ashes Tour Edition XpEa Cricket 97 Ashes Tour Edition Xp


Download Ea cricket 97 Via Torrent xp

Download Ea Cricket 97 Ashes Tour Edition for Xp

Pepsi IPL 6 Cricket Game Patch 2013

Pepsi IPL 6 Cricket Game Patch 2013
After the success of Dlf Ipl 5 patch now JS studios introduce Pepsi ipl6 2013 patch. i saw that there are too much fans of ipl5 and cricket 2012 patch, most of Indian viewers Download and like the patches.
and hope you will enjoy that patch too.

this patch is made by JS STUDIOS.
i am just sharing that patch with you peoples i did not make any thing of this patch.

And if you would Not enjoy that patch then wait for ipl 6 patch from JM STUDIOS
they made awesom patches

We all watch IPL, do not we? it is the most vital cricket league at intervals the earth, and is clearly, the richest. we have a bent to all or any or any want to look at it, which i'm sure what you needed from U.S. is that the cola IPL vi Mega Patch for god Sports Cricket 2007!
Well, Ayush and his studio's members (GM StudioZ) have created it potential, yes, we're cathartic a cola IPL vi Patch soon! it'll have the most recent kits, realistic faces, real names, awful logos, realistic stadiums and what not?

NOTE: The work has recently started and may fancy at in low degree time to induce completed! we tend to tend to are getting to publish it as shortly as a results of it's done! For the most recent news you'll do the subsequent things:
Like U.S. on Facebook: Get the most recent news concerning the items that ar completed; as an example we've recently written our complete pack that we're victimization for our patch! Get sneak peeks before anyone!
Follow U.S. on Twitter: There unit of measurement some stuff that we have a bent to solely reveal on twitter, therefore please follow U.S. on twitter to induce frequent updates concerning patches :)
We have not place any actual date of undo, however once it's done, we'll truly tell you!
And in what version the patch would run? A Unit's Cricket '12 or some other?

How to install IPL6 Patch 

1. Install Fresh EA Sports™ Cricket 2007.
2. Extract the downloaded "JS Studios IPL 2013 Patch Part 1.rar" to any Directory of your choice.
3. Extract the downloaded "JS Studios IPL 2013 Patch Part 2.rar" to any Directory of your choice.
4. Download & Extract "ZaxWillowz™ 256 Batpack".
5. Download "IPL FACE PACK".

How to play pepsi ipl6 2013

1. Load the Roster "IPL6.ros" first;
3. Schedule 2006
4. Match length  20 Overs
5. Choose difficulty Level (***) and click on CONTINUE;
6. Select User Team & Start playing IPL 2013 with Actual Fixtures, Teams etc.

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Pepsi IPL 6 Cricket Game Patch 2013
Pepsi IPL 6 Cricket Game Patch 2013
Pepsi IPL 6 Cricket Game Patch 2013


Download IPL6 Cricket Patch 2013

EA Cricket 2004 Free

EA Cricket 2004 Pc Game by ea sports

EA Cricket 2004 resumes the franchise with more than 50 licensed teams from around the world, 1200 players, and 75 modeled stadiums.
After a fantastic showing for EA SPORTS Cricket 2002, Electronic Arts are ready to relive all the excitement with EA SPORTS Cricket 2004.

Undertaking an 18-month development cycle will provide the opportunity to pack the game full of additional features and options. Developing such an environment and atmosphere that will keep EA SPORTS Cricket 2004 at the forefront of sports games quality.
Along with all of the international teams and bonus squads, EA SPORTS Cricket 2004 will include domestic teams and competitions from England and Australia.
Test matches as well as One-day Internationals will also be included for this game. In addition to the tournaments that you have come to know and love from EA SPORTS Cricket, Season modes will also be a highlight of this game.
With new Motion Capture and a new Development Platform, not to mention the inclusion of form and injury, the game play will be more true to life than ever before
For the Cricketing fanatic there will be no end to the detail. A large variety of statistical graphs will be available including run rate, wagon wheel graphs, as well as a huge amount of stats on every player that will track over the course of a tournament. The game will revolve around a full TV style presentation including a full action replay mode, third umpire, animated ducks, TV style overlays, field position editor and much more. The field position editor will allow for auto or manual fielding.


EA Sports Cricket 2004 Pc Game
EA Sports Cricket 2004 Pc Game
EA Sports Cricket 2004 Pc Game


Download Ea cricket 2004

Ipl6 - kolkata Knight Rider Faces for cricket07

Ipl6 - kolkata Knight Rider Faces for cricket07

IPL6 Faces Pack for ea cricket 07 is just faces of kolkata Knight Rider team.
after dlf ipl5 patch now ipl 6 patch will come soon and i am sharing this patch with you

Ipl6 Players Patch:

L.Balaji - Ipl6 face for ea cricket07
I.Abdullah - Ipl6 face for ea cricket07
G.Gambhir - Ipl6 face for cricket07
McCullum - Ipl6 face forcricket07
B.Lee - Ipl6 face for ea cricket 07
M.Bisla - Ipl6 face for ea cricket 07
M.Tiwary - Ipl6 face for ea cricket 2007
S.Narine - Ipl6 face for ea cricket 2007
D.Das - Ipl6 face for cricket 07
Rajat Bhatia - Ipl6 face for ea soprts cricket07

How to install ipl6 Faces

Download and extract rar file in root directory of game 07
you must have installed ea cricket 2012 patch 1st or dlf 5

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Download Faces pack